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That Incredible Fucking Day that I met Donald Glover and Fam | 19th August 2014 | Brixton, London, UK.

Thank you Donald, Fam and Glassnote Records. I will never forget this day. Rose, Kayleigh, Ellie, Jack, Jackson and Beau, It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, Thank you so much for making it an amazing day.

Photos courtesy of Glassnote Records.

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Best thing ever

Best thing ever

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It costs around $85,000 to book Childish Gambino for your gig


so if anyone has any money they don’t need…image

11:16 pm - Mon, Aug 25, 2014
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GoPro #ALSIceBucketChallenge

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I have been nominated but lizzyrascall to write ten facts for you all so here we go.

1, I recently bought a motorbike and I wish i ride it more I’d also quite happily start an MC as soon as I’m off L plates.

2, I have a twin brother who looks nothing like me (people always assume if your a…

Shit.. Uhh..

  1. I am Half Filippino, half British.
  2. I switch between like maybe 3 voices depending on who im with and the current mood that Im in.
  3. I feel as if I’m more closer to an Introvert from a social standpoint and I usually fake confidence a lot of the time.
  4. Im currently trying to learn to Rap, although thats proving difficult as i have a terrible stutter, I also murmur a lot and sometimes speak too fast.
  5. I have an overwhelming need to please people.
  6. I like to be involved with too many things: Music; Songwriting, Guitar playing, Drumming, Singing, Video; Screenwriting, filming, Video and Visual effects editing, acting. 
  7. Im a romantic and very nostalgic.
  8. I go through phases.. a lot.. with Fashion Style, Music, TV.. and when I do.. i normally go ‘all out’.. like border line obsessed. 
  9. I dont drink or smoke. (i might drink like once or twice a year)
  10. I Travel a lot, as i have family both here in the UK, Florida USA and Manila, Philippines.

Nominations: ichigoviki therealct-1000 jason-brody eviltwinofarabella aynako-jia greenagainn

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oh snap so I’ve been tapped by jalapenobiscuits for my eclectic music taste.

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod/iphone/itunes media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

There is no business…

Pulled Apart by Horses - The Crapsons

Kanye West - Stronger

Biffy Clyro - Questions and Answers

Twenty One Pilots - Ode to Sleep

Tegan and Sara - Sentimental Tune

Oldcodex - Cold Hands

Sucioperro - Hate Filters

The Simpsons - Cape Feare (Medley)

Ylvis - What does the Fox Say

Dempagumi Inc - Orange Rium

Nominations: ichigoviki jason-brody therealct-1000 eviltwinofarabella aynako-jia greenagainn

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Ice Bucket POV

Install Headline